I spotted this sweet woman again outside of an Albertsons. The staff told me of this woman over the last couple of years, homeless living somewhere in the desert behind their shopping center, though I had been unable to find her, let alone engage her. Until today.

To engage her with the least amount of pressure, I walked over to her with a bus pass that I said I found. Often, those on the street don’t want to receive something from someone who’s not also in their position or tribe, sadly like scared animals sensing a trap.

She graciously accepted and I walked back to my car to continue with my tasks.

Then I decided to press my luck.

I walked back to her and miraculously, she let me sit down with her on the bench and we chatted, me asking questions to help her identify actually needs and obstacles.

Her name is Robin. I commented how lovely she was named for a bird, while I was named for a cat.

Formulating an initial obstacle diagnosis, and understanding more of her cultural background, I shared a Bible story they got her to do the hardest thing for wandering birds like Robin to do: make a decision. She’s been avoiding this one for at least three years, and ten years before that.

After one more trip to my car to grab a Hero School Screenplay Workbook, I drew her a map for the plan we put together.

It’s amazing how much easier plans are to make when we’re not, as the Prophet Elijah called it, “Halt between two opinions.”

Wednesday, Robin will meet Miss Caroline and together we will order her Birth Certificate so she can get her ID without dealing with certain family members. More importantly, she will finally be in charge her life and decision-making, including those decisions others made that stranded her here.

In her mind, from her past experience with agencies and charities, getting her birth certificate from Illinois was always impossible. It helped her to learn that I just got Birth Certificates for 23 other people just in the last few weeks. Our confidence was at an all-time high.

And with that, she’s ready for action, excited to get her Social Security card (on her own). When we meet Wednesday, we’ll attack the remaining obstacles between the last 13 years and one where she’s free, free to live the life she was meant for.

So we took this photo to remember the moment that change the future – and that will amend the past.

Honoring Adam West, we called ourselves “Catman and Robin”.

“When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things (and thinking).” – The Apostle Paul