Homelessness Prevention, Intervention and Rapid Reversal Consulting and Training

“A problem well-defined is a problem half solved.”

-John Dewey




The “Circle of Life” Human Restoration System

7 Pillars of a Transformational Model

  • A Congruous Holistic Philosophy
  • 4 Laws™/Character Change® Education
  • Earn and Learn™ Coaching/Training
  • Integrated Health and Fitness
  • Ritualized Employment
  • Community Contribution
  • Self-Invested Housing

Human Transformation through Remedial Individuation


The fundamental goal of every more-fully-human parent (Maslow, A., 1956) is to produce a responsible, thoughtful, thinking, confident, contributing, complete and whole person.

Those consumed by the 4 Habits of Homelessness represent a nearly impossible challenge since they often are  don’t want to change.

The more-fully-human definition of Homelessness, as derived from active research with more than 10,000 individuals, is the unfortunate internal human condition where an incomplete or young person resides in a much older body, leaving one incapable of managing oneself let alone one’s behavior, education, employment, home and vertical relationships.

The resulting learned condition of Homelessness, as opposed to “Houselessness”, i.e. the absence of housing, comprises 4 Habits (Todd, T., 1995) that prevent homeless individuals from what Carl Jung referred to as Individuation (Jung, C., 1936).

The antidote to this condition requires first the disconnection and unwiring of these 4 Habits while simultaneously delivering, defining, instilling and reinforcing the 4 Laws of Individuation (Todd, T., 2002).

With the right combination of environment, engagement methodology, multidimensional education and gifted instructors, even large groups of people languishing for years can be brought back in as little as hours.


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