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“I have attended many seminars all around the country, but never have I heard anyone’s speech to be more inspirational than Tiger Todd’s. His speech was so perfect that it shook the whole audience and imprinted a little message in everyone’s head, saying, you can do anything that you desire. It made everyone a hero. Thank you so much for inspiring us.” – Cristin S., UNLV

We brought you in to plant a seed. You gave us a garden.”
– Marie S., VP, Hilton Grand Vacations

“I’ve never seen the message of preparing for the future you want to have put so clearly.” – Teacher, Dell Robison JHS

“This guy was amazing. He has a true talent. He could really speak to kids about their life…the group was large. Great, great, great. Best I ever had.” – Teacher, Brinley Middle School

“I learned more from Tiger Todd in a week-and-a-half than I had my entire life.” – Kim G., Public Housing

“Hi Tiger. This note is way overdue. I want to thank you for what you do and how you inspire others to look outside of their world and into the world of the Super Hero within themselves. I had hoped by sending Jonathan he might feel some inspiration to take action – and he has! We have had some very authentic conversations and I feel like he is on the road to becoming the amazing person I’ve always known was there…(his father) and I are excited to see where he goes next. Thank you again. I feel like I have my kid back:)” – Alicia P., Executive

“…I just wanted to tell you that your lecture has and will have a big impact on my life. It’s my first year of college and I hadn’t planned on finishing… but this lecture you gave the class, I felt as if you were talking to me directly. In order to become that “Superman”, you do fall into the ditch at times… (but) from now on when I fall, I’m going to simply remember your lecture and rise to the top again, and walk across that tightrope to become that Superman that is definitely inside of me. Thank you so much!”  – Jasmine C., Community College student

“Tiger, watching you in action was the highlight of my weekend. Month. Year. All of the above. Something magical happened that I can’t quite put a description on yet… at its core, a much-needed reinforcement that I’m living my purpose in the world and to keep my focus on the behaviors necessary to sustain who I want to be and the work I want to do. Thank you!!!”  – Alexia Vernon, Professor, Coach and Author

“I wanted to express my sincere appreciation for allowing me to be a part of your powerful program today. I learned a lot again that I will be able to apply immediately. You are my Hero, doing exactly what I feel I was put here to do, providing people the resources, skills, encouragement and support to become the best versions of themselves. Thank you very much again.” – Rod A., Wynn Las Vegas

“Hey Tiger…That’s right, in 2009 I was homeless and living at Catholic Charities sitting in Hero School. Since then I completed my associates at CSN and now attend UNLV. I have also started my own business. Thanks for being a part of my life and influencing it for the better. The transformation to heroism began with you. Thank you.” – Nick O., University of Nevada Las Vegas 

“Let me tell you, Tiger Todd was an amazing speaker and motivator. I’m a teacher at a public K-12 school…I’ve already approached my principal about somehow getting Mr. Todd to come speak to our Seniors…I was soooo impressed… my son and a few friends will be back!” – High School Teacher

“I think your Hero Class should be mandatory in every school class for young men so they can stop the repeat life I lived for 36 years…” – Johnathan N., Catholic Charities, Formerly Homeless

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