Dear Diary,

Do we need to fire them all? Or maybe send them to a different school. Or get a refund. 

How is it, after spending multiplied billions of working people’s tax dollars for nearly a decade, could the homeless, family poverty and government entitlement situation be so much worse, in every city I’ve traveled to in the last couple of years, and especially in my city today?

I may have been successful getting through to half-a-dozen struggling souls tonight just on the way back from my workout, but there were so many more wandering, hustling and pushing carts through shopping centers and neighborhoods. There’s no way without changing the game.

One bright spot was the older, weathered woman who was initially afraid to talk to me. She ultimately did bite at my pitch, then accepted the direction, food and bus pass I had ready for her. 

Then she did something that would make sales masters Grant Cardone and Jeffrey J. Fox proud. A few minutes after adjusting her load and drinking the cold water – it was still 108F – she wheeled her cart over to my truck and stopped. Seeing I was in my gym clothes, she then pointed to the box of weights at the bottom of her shopping cart and mouthed, “Five dollars?” 

She clearly knew that the best customer for an upsell is the one you already have. She earned that 5 bucks. And she got to keep the weights for the next customer.

As for the people paid those multiplied billions over the last decade to keep the people like the many I saw tonight from ending up in this condition – no, not one of those Dollars came my way – maybe they should get remanded to Hero School themselves. 

If it was me, I would demand a refund from whatever schools taught me whatever it is they are teaching. As the Harvard great, William James said, “Truth is what works.” The data is now clear that what was learned was not the truth or it would have worked.

Perhaps our country’s only hope for the next decade is for the Powers That Be to hire someone smarter and more effective than those they paid last time. 

I mean, if the “virtual reality” companies recruit the only best people to lead their departments and divisions, shouldn’t we do the same when hiring, especially when “actual reality” human lives are on the line?

Or maybe I’ve fallen asleep already and this was just a bad dream.

Goodnight, Diary.