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Revolutionary Philosophy

A New Model and Method 

Targeting, Uprooting and Replacing the Core Causes of Homelessness, Dependency and Repeated History for Comprehensive Prevention, Rapid Reversal and Lasting Recovery


Old Methods vs. 80/20 Strategies

“Truth is what works.” – William James

When facing an aggressive sickness, physical crisis or debilitating condition, which is more important: the diagnosis, the treatment plan, or rehabilitation?

Clearly, the proper diagnosis is paramount. Without it, treatment and rehabilitation could continue for years – or even decades – without ever solving the problem or identifying the root cause so as to prevent further outbreaks. Sound familiar?

Everything is important. Some things are many times more important, since they make everything else work.

“First things must be done first.” – Dr. Stephen R. Covey

Team Development

Empowerment and Strategy Videos for heroes on the front lines of the homelessness epidemic

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About Tiger Todd

Realizing that the lives of thousands of homeless people were being wasted on the streets, Tiger Todd took it upon himself to do something about it. He retired from the electronics company he founded and discovered his true calling by motivating people toward the lives they were meant to live. And many thousands have changed.

Two decades later, Tiger is a leading expert in human engagement, motivation and accelerated learning, pioneering the modern hero movement as well as many hundreds of strategies used by public schools, higher education and myriad businesses, agencies and non-profit organizations.

Tiger’s Hero School® model introduced a new philosophy and psychological framework to the social problems, bridging movies, math and mythology to real people for real-world outcomes.

From the multiple companies he’s founded to the hundreds of schools, businesses and organizations he has helped advance, Tiger lives by the wisdom of Emerson: “Everyone is my superior is some way; in that I learn from him.”

His collaborative initiatives remind leader and participant alike that everyone knows something we don’t. Their strengths, abilities and roles are equally important to our own. While some roles appear higher in the credits, creating an epic motion picture takes the entire cast and crew.

In Tiger’s real-life movie model, every role is essential and no person is any less valuable.