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Principle 6: Vertical Pathways for Heroic Partners

What will the many front-line heroes and support staff do once we end American homelessness? We must remember that the Prevention, Reversal and Recovery of the Homeless and Dependent has become an industry with an economy that supports many heroic lives. It is imperative that every Success Plan include training and pathways for ascension and advancement for these heroes, not just those they serve. More

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About Tiger Todd

Whether motivating homeless people, college students, or executives, Tiger Todd has tapped into something real – the ability to produce change

Realizing that the lives of thousands of homeless people were being wasted on the streets, Tiger Todd took it upon himself to do something about it. He retired from the electronics company he founded and discovered his true calling by motivating people toward the lives they were meant to live. And many thousands have changed.

Two decades later, Tiger is a leading expert in human engagement, motivation and learning, pioneering the modern hero movement as well as many hundreds of strategies used by public schools, academia and myriad businesses, agencies and non-profit organizations.

Tiger’s Hero School® model introduced a new philosophy and psychological framework to the Millennial Generation, bridging movies and mythology to real people for real-world outcomes. More than 20 years after introducing the art and science of “hero” through his cutting-edge presentations and action philanthropy, Tiger’s movie formulas continue to revolutionize the education, behavioral and entertainment industries. More importantly, multiplied thousands more students and employees are now adding value first, taking responsibility, learning from leaders, and contributing to their company, mission and success.

As a speaker, Tiger is a force of nature, rather, a force of mythology. His captivating delivery, non-verbal mastery, common-sense lessons and no-nonsense style reach diverse listeners regardless of character, class or culture. Atypical among motivators, his expertise and experiences from pioneering the science of numerous concepts and subjects is unmatched. His keen understanding of human engagement and ignition, rapid-fire quotes of entire literary passages, stunning athletic feats and hilarious impersonations keep his audiences fully engaged and unable to argue with his depth, substance and message.

Tiger understands many of the challenges that employers face with both legacy and next-generation employees, including how to neutralize excuses and convert every challenge into an opportunity for success. Growing up poor in Las Vegas the son of an entrepreneur, Tiger overcame both poverty and being run over by a drunk driver – and chicken pox in the body cast – by befriending and learning from teachers and his dad’s clients instead of children his age. Though his parents’ divorce left him little to live on, by 6th grade, Tiger was earning $600-a-month in recyclables by dumpster-diving every day after school. These challenges clearly helped forge his work ethic, Laws of Intrepreneurship™ and heart for helping others.

From the multiple companies he’s founded to the hundreds of schools, entrepreneurs and organizations he has helped advance, Tiger lives by the wisdom of Emerson: “Everyone is my superior is some way; in that I learn from him.” His presentations remind even the most gifted individuals that everyone knows something we don’t. The strengths, abilities and roles of everyone we work with are equally important to our own. Though some roles appear higher in the credits, creating a major motion picture takes the entire cast and crew.

In Tiger’s real-life movie model, every role is essential and no person is any less valuable.